Rejecting Medicaid Expansion the Right Call

I would like to commend the 38 state house members that presented a unified voice in opposition to the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion provision.

Even without this expansion, Medicaid costs are unsustainable. Over the last decade, program spending increased more than 80 percent, nearly twice as much as personal income. Medicaid now consumes 30 percent of Pennsylvania’s total state operating budget and is projected to grow for years to come.  Continue reading

Finance Committee Advances Hiring Incentive

After a two month recess, the General Assembly reconvened for the fall legislative session. For the first time since the end of the Great Recession, Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate has steadily risen to meet the national average. With only one month remaining before adjourning until next year, the House Finance Committee swiftly approved legislation by Rep. Kerry Benninghoff (Centre) aimed to bolster job creation.
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Summer Recess: Achievements & Stalemates

Upon the successful passage of the state budget, legislators have returned to their districts for summer recess. At this time, Keystone Liberty will review and highlight the many legislative achievements and stalemates of this session before adjourning for the summer.
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Responsible and Balanced Budget Passed on Time

Building upon the fiscal responsibility of last year’s budget, the General Assembly passed the 2012-13 budget. The Governor approved the budget which went into effect July 1st. Unlike the previous administration, Governor Corbett managed to deliver two consecutive balanced budgets on time. The spending plan demonstrates a commitment to taxpayers, free enterprise, students and the state’s most needy.
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Unemployment Fund Solvency Plan Now Law

With less than a month remaining until the 2012-13 budget deadline, there are still several unresolved policy issues on the legislative agenda. Such items include pensions, prevailing wage, liquor privatization and property tax independence. While inaction continues to threaten Pennsylvania’s economy, the General Assembly passed and the governor signed both a short and long-term solution dedicated toward making Pennsylvania’s unemployment trust fund solvent once more.
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