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Support from State Officials:

Rep. Ryan Aument (Lancaster): I am greatly encouraged by the work of Jonathan Humma and Keystone Liberty to educate and advocate on behalf of individual freedom and free market principles. Pennsylvania is positioned for future prosperity precisely because a new generation of conservative leaders, exemplified by Jonathan, is rising and refusing to be silent on the great issues that confront us.

Rep. Stephen Bloom (Cumberland): I commend Keystone Liberty and its founder, Jonathan Humma for taking the initiative in the battle to restore limited government and free markets for a prosperous Pennsylvania. It is encouraging to see a rising generation of young leaders who understand the urgency of effectively teaching and spreading the ideals of liberty in the 21st century.

Rep. Bryan Cutler (Lancaster): I am excited by the work of Jonathan Humma and Keystone Liberty and their advocacy for a financially responsible and limited government. We are a great nation today because of these ideals and we must never forget that the free market and personal liberties is the very foundation on which our country was founded and prospers.

Sen. Mike Folmer (Lebanon): I look forward to working with Keystone Liberty to advance the principles of my “Promise to Pennsylvania”: tax and spending reform, legislative and political reform, and legal and labor law reform. Together, we can show respect for the Constitution, support less government and advocate personal responsibility.

Rep. Rob Kauffman (Cumberland/Franklin): Keystone Liberty effectively advocates for limited government and free market principles that are necessary to put the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on the right path. It is exciting to see a young person, being educated at a bastion of liberalism in our nation’s capital, come home and fight for the future of Pennsylvania through political discourse.

About Keystone Liberty

Keystone Liberty: is a political blog dedicated to restoring economic growth in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Keystone Liberty advocates for a constitutionally limited government that allows Pennsylvanians the necessary economic freedoms to innovate and flourish in the competitive global marketplace. Keystone Liberty recognizes that it is not the public sector that creates jobs and wealth in the economy, but rather the private sector. An oversized public sector often leads to high taxes and debt that stifle economic growth. Keystone Liberty’s mission is to send a clear message to legislators in Harrisburg that more government programs, more spending, and more regulation are not the answers to Pennsylvania’s problems. Policymakers must reverse the conventional top-down approach and allow for bottom-up market solutions. Keystone Liberty will offer bold pro-growth policy proposals and regularly follow the state legislative agenda on its blog “Capitol Watch” to assess the impacts on the Pennsylvania economy.

Pennsylvania Stagnates: While the 2008 recession took its toll across America, the Keystone State’s economy has been mediocre in comparison to other states for more than a decade. Between 2002-2010, BLS statistics reveal that Pennsylvania has added a meager 11,500 jobs, while states like Virginia and Texas successfully added 115,000 and 1,039,000 jobs respectively. Not only is job creation slow to lower state unemployment, but more than 196,000 net taxpayers actually left PA between 1993-2008 taking with them more than $10 billion in income.

These dismal statistics coincide with the state rankings which outline the disappointing performance of the Keystone economy:

*The list of rankings continues with a consistent theme of poor public policies ranging from taxation, regulations, and infrastructure.

About the Author



American University, Washington DC, Expected Graduation May 2014

  • Bachelor of Arts, Economics and Political Science (Double Major)
  • Honors: Dean’s List, Early Identification Program for Outstanding Sophomores, GPA 3.87

Constitutional Leadership Seminar at the Heritage Foundation, Washington DC, November 2011

  • Invited to the Fund for American Studies’ program instructed by Donald Devine, Ronald Reagan’s Director of Personnel Management

Liberty & Society Seminar at the Institute for Humane Studies, Bryn Mawr College, July 2011

  • Scholarship for educational seminar in political and economic theory emphasizing free market solutions to government failures

Public Policy Seminar at the Foundation for Economic Education, Atlanta, GA, June 2011

  • Scholarship to attend Freedom University for policy summit with students and economists across the nation to discuss institutions of economic growth


Domestic Policy Intern, House Energy & Commerce Committee, Washington, DC, August- December 2013

  • Prepared questions and talking points for members of Congress during committee hearings
  • Assisted in policy research with a focus on energy, health care and federal agency oversight
  • Authored fact sheets and background memos

Network Relations Intern, Institute for Humane Studies, Arlington, VA, May- August 2013

  • Evaluated scholarship and teaching to identify new liberty-friendly scholars to add to the network
  • Determined which scholars would be appropriate for research or teaching opportunities

Committeeman, Lancaster County Republican Committee, Lancaster, PA,              April 2012 – Present

  • Nominate state and local candidates for party endorsements at committee conventions
  • Electioneering activities including canvassing and poll watching

Founder and Editor, Keystone Liberty, Lancaster, PA, December 2011- July 2013

  • Author commentaries and policy analysis on the Pennsylvania General Assembly
  • Publish commentaries in Harrisburg, Johnstown and York daily newspapers
  • Ranks top political blog by Americans for Prosperity with support from state officials

Research Fellow, The Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives, Harrisburg, PA, May- August 2011 and May- August 2012

  • Conducted policy research and wrote policy blogs on privatization of government services, regulations and taxes, and school choice
  • Wrote summaries on legislative press events and answered policy questions

Congressional Intern, The Office of U.S. Senator Pat Toomey, Washington DC, January 2012- April 2012

  • Performed legislative research and assisted staff on designated projects
  • Attended Congressional hearings and reported back to staff on proceedings
  • Conducted tours of United States Capitol for visiting constituents

Campaigns Intern, FreedomWorks, Washington DC, August – December 2011

  • Wrote commentaries on current environmental and energy policy initiatives
  • Tracked 2012 campaigns and garnered support for the Contract From America Pledge
  • Publicized and assisted in various grassroots events and mobilization efforts


Policy Director, American University College Republicans, April 2012 – May 2013

  • Represent AU in a nationwide campus competition to address the rising national debt

Professor’s Assistant, Intro to Microeconomics, Washington, D.C., January – May 2013

  • Provide supplemental instruction by leading weekly discussion and review sessions

Student Ambassador, American Enterprise Institute, August 2013- Present

Eagle Scout and Senior Patrol Leader, Boy Scouts of America, 2007-2010

* Disclaimer- No employers or organizations above are affiliated with this website.